Call Back

With E-Soft’s Callback Management solution, service providers can enable users to initiate long-distance calls using a variety of origination methods, thus offering an alternative to costly outbound long-distance rates.

Supported origination methods:

  •  WEB
  • SMS
  • ANI

For more technical and/or pricing information about our solutions for callback services please contact our sales team.

Who is it for?

  •  ITSPs in countries with a monopolistic state-owned telecom, who are seeking enhanced profit from callback services
  • Service providers who already offer prepaid and postpaid calling card services over a switched circuit network
  • Telecom companies and other service providers interested in offering callback services to a wide range of important target communities
  • Enterprises seeking to extend the reach of their web presentations by allowing visitors to connect to sales or other representatives by just clicking a button
  • Speech-enabled web portals


  • Easy integration with existing VoIP infrastructure
  • Compatible with all SIP or H.323 terminating gateways or carriers
  • Billing-assisted (E-SoftBilling)
  • Web interface for end user accounts
  • Open source for integration into business partners’ back office/website
  • Unlimited license