CEO’s Message

E-Soft Billing Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company licensed under company act 1994 in 2009 and started its operation in global software business in the same. In international market, it is conducting business through maintaining proper legal guidelines and thus representing Bangladesh in the international competition, precisely uplifting Bangladeshi norms. So far, it has confronted intense competition in the global software market and survived therein.

In E-Soft Billing family, we the family members believe, communication is an ultimate pathway to socialize our existence as communication is also required by civilization process. Here we also know that communication needs no geographical boundary and distance does not have the right to impair communication. In E-Soft Billing, we have been striving to make the route for international communication without impairment whatever the extent of distance is. People’s right to communicate and out mission go together.

Since its inception, E-Soft Billing has been satisfying the huge of demands and need to different customer group all over the world. It has been providing tailor-made service to every problem in international communication at lowest possible cost but with highest quality through proper customization and care. E-Soft Billing attempt to innovate and develop technologies with strategic opportunities, so that it can serve the customers better like never before. From the very beginning, this family has been growing up is every possible manner. The company is the growing in terms of market share, sales, capital, and no. of employees, international market share etc.


E-Soft Future plan is presented to you as a list for our planned improvement of the services provided to our customers and of the way we provide those services to you.

  • E-soft is committed to providing a Smart Device that 2/4/8 port FXS gateway for a complete port block solution.
  • We provide you an own branded Mobile Phone and template.
  • Class five Soft Switch with eye-catching design and more users friendly.
  • Codec converter.
  • Mobile Dialer for iPhone and Windows mobile.

Mohammad Emran
E-Soft Billing (Pvt.) Ltd.