Conferencing provides a capability for several users to communicate through the phone at the same time. This creates an excellent way for ITSPs to stand out and improve the bottom line with a new service offering.From your customers prospective, it allows them to enjoy teleconferencing, inviting up to 40 callers in one virtual conference room to discuss common business project, conduct a seminar or training, and just chat between friends and relatives.

Conference services provided with iSoftSwitch technology are especially important for your enterprise level clients that need help with multiple locations, dispersed customers or large sales forces to work together more efficiently.

For more technical and/or pricing information about solutions please conferencing services please contact our sales team.

How does it work?

  •  With iSoftSwitch, service providers can easily and instantly provide a totally automated environment and always available tool for its customers to create virtual meeting rooms.
  • Each user allowed to access conferencing service is provided with a self-care interface for scheduling conferences and managing various parameters, such as access codes.
  • Customer can access the conferencing service with a dial-in number and an optional password to disseminate among the group of callers. Such a password to access the service can be either permanent, with a limited usage (number of calls, time period, etc.), or created only for a single teleconference session.
  • After successfully dialing a valid access code, the user hears the name of the conference assigned by the conference room administrator. The user then records his name and enters the conference.
  • Service users can schedule conferences at certain times, or stay in “always on” mode. They can also have multiple access numbers (for example, US toll-free and overseas).
  • The ITSP can use different models to charge clients for the service: fixed monthly fee, per session, time based (per minute, per hour, etc.), or alternatively, use the service as a definite differentiation of its service offering.
  • The service providers can use the E-SoftBilling web interface to enable this service and specify rates for customers using it.

iSoftSwitch supported features:

  •  Multiple meeting rooms for each account with customized names and sets of parameters
  • Moderated and non-moderated conferences
  • Customer web based self-care interface to add, edit, and delete meeting rooms
  • Ability to schedule a conference to a specific time
  • Up to one hundred simultaneous calls
  • Capacity of up to 40 callers per virtual meeting room
  • Various pricing models (time-based, per usage, mixed, etc.)