IT Training

E-Soft Billing Knowledge Services team delivers high-quality, interactive education and training programs to our customers and partners. Knowledge Services can help your organization increase the value derived. Our training may benefited you

  • Increase Knowledge Retention.
  • Improve Productivity.
  • Increase Participation.
  • Reduce Costs.
  • Improve Sales and Customer Service.

Who Should Attend

  • Network and system engineers responsible for maintenance and deployment of the E-SoftBilling solution
  • Project managers responsible for implementation of E-Soft’s solutions
  • Customer service specialists
  • Marketing, pricing and product managers


Training can take place at either

  1. the customer’s location, or
  2. our facilities in Bangladesh & India

Training at customer’s location is preferable (with rare exceptions of locations on US and Canadian do-not-visit lists), since in that case everyone involved in the VoIP project can participate.
principles – 1 hr

  • Building your iSoftSwitch-powered network
  • RADIUS, billing information collection
  • Interaction between billing and network components, IVR options

E-SoftBilling architecture – 6 hrs

  • General architecture and main concepts
  • Program components
  • Web Interface tour
  • Available reports and statistics
  • Data model (database structure, tables, and their relationship)
  • Interfacing with external systems: online payments
  • Templates: conveniently uploading rate information from your partners

Different Billing Models – 3 hrs

  • Billing prepaid and postpaid cards
  • Billing business (corporate) customers
  • Wholesale traffic exchange
  • Using reseller model
  • Billing SIP users, advanced billing options (e.g. follow-me)

SIP Proxy – 1 hr

Advanced features (first login greeting, etc.)
NAT traversal solution
Auto-provisioning of IP phones

Hands-on session – 4 hrs

  • Assisted configuration of different service scenarios on customer’s VoIP network
  • Testing and troubleshooting


Full payment must be made in advance.

Transportation and accommodation costs not included. E-Soft will choose an economy fare return flight that fits our training location schedule. The following are estimated airfares for destinations in:

  • the USA, Canada, Europe – from $1500
  • Asia, Pacifics – from $500 and $1000.

Obviously, prices will vary depending on the exact destination.

If you would like to register for a training course, please contact Knowledge Services at